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Golf Instruction – Are you getting your moneys worth?

January 23, 2015

Many years ago I read a book called the Talent Code. I was given this book by a very wise man who happens to be a dear friend and mentor. His name is Dean Beaman, the former commissioner of the PGA Tour. Of the many brilliant points the book writer came to, one stood out as clear as any I have ever seen put in words. That is great performers are not born their trained. They also have a deep desire and drive to do what most will not. Here in lies one of the big problem though. Are you willing to work? Do you have access to do the work? Do you have the financial ability? Do you have the coaching? In my golf career I also had a desire to be a World Champion. I was entirely fortunate to go take a golf lesson and then many golf lessons hundreds if you will from a very competent teachers named John Anselmo and Ben Doyle.

John was Tigers 2nd official golf instructor. We both took lessons from John at Meadowlark golf club in Huntington Beach CA. I got good fast. I went from scoring in the mid 90s to below scratch in under 2 years. How you ask? Hard work. Acess. Competent fundamental based golf instruction. John was well into his late 60s by the time I started receiving his wisdom.

This is another brilliant point that the Talent Code points out. The greatest coaches and teachers are all older most well into there late 50s to as old as in there 80s. Why? Wisdom, you can learn a great deal in school but wisdom is earned and given by God.

I am also puzzled by the so called teacher who’s own ability to play at a high level is non existent. There is an instructor in my area that could not pass the playing ability test for the PGA. This is a very easy test. You basically have to shoot two rounds of 74 or 75 on a relatively easy golf course with a easy set up on that golf course. Yet this so called top 100 instructor failed many times and gave up. Like many in the Golf instruction arena these days it is my opinion these are the guys who first need to figure how to play before they teach. These people advise on theory and in my opinion are the problem with why golf is not growing. They are literally ripping unsuspecting golfers off. Beware of these charlatans they can wreck your ability to improve or worse instruct you going backwards. How then do you find the one out of ten good instructors out there? The criteria is simple in my opinion. Do they have a competitive high level playing history? Have they or are they teaching good players? Are they a member of the PGA? Why you ask on the last question? Would you hire a attorney with no law degree or no law school?

At least they showed respect enough for their ability to coach so as to obtain this criteria. All this is still no absolute guarantee but your chances of receiving what you paid for is highly increased.