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Take it from Gerry’s satisfied and successful students.

From the PGA Tour to the LPGA Tour to the LDA Tour, Gerry James has coached some of the most renowned long drivers in the game today.

Whether you are a tour pro or a beginner, the Center Force Golf System will have you hitting the golf ball longer and straighter than ever before. Gerry James is available for clinics, exhibitions, and corporate events all over the country. His system has been endorsed by everyone from 2004 PGA Tour Player of the Year Vijay Singh to former PGA Tour Commissioner Deane Beman.

Gerry James So…previous best was 76 with maybe 5 rounds in the 70’s ever. Then our 5 lessons…I struggled to implement the swing for “most/all” shots. It’s coming. But then I shot a 74 and then a month later a 71. Yes! My pars weren’t scrambling pars, I was burning edges with my lag putts and having tap in pars. Score card attached. Thank you. Thank you.
Lincoln, 2017
At 58 I retired fully in late 2011 looking to play as much as golf as I could with my unlimited recreational time. In 2013 I completed my process of making Florida my winter home no longer willing to tolerate the cloudy wet winters of Oregon. By chance I played a round with Gerry James in March 2013 on his home golf course in St Augustine. Golfwise, I liked what he was doing and saying not to mention we both had a common history and opinion of living in Portland Oregon. I was a low single digit player on the west coast but I was struggling with the tight less forgiving Bermuda turf. Gerry could see I was an arm swinger, something I had no idea was different than any other good player although I could see that PGA tour players could swing with greater accuracy and length. The following month Gerry started to work with me and I soon realized what a golden golf nugget I had come upon. A great repeatable golf swing was not about creating speed with your arms but with your body. And anybody could do it. With what Gerry teaches you don’t have to be a great athlete to have a great golf swing, you just have to be athletic to the best of your ability. My friends marvel at how much more speed I now have in my swing, its proper sequencing, and how balanced I am throughout especially at the finish. I have heard there are many ways to hit a golf ball. But if you want to hit the golf ball the best you can, similar to how PGA tour pros strike a golf ball then listen and follow what Gerry James is teaching and you too will have also found your golden golf nugget. One last thing, if you have played golf for over 50 years like me with pretty much the same flawed swing mechanics, it will take a bit of dedication to undue those patterns but I can promise you it will be worth it and like me you will swing the club better than you ever thought possible.
Rich Perkel, 2017
I have known Gerry James for a few years and I really think he knows what he is talking about. I am just sure he is going to help a lot of people. He’s the guy and I love his stuff.
Vijay Singh, 2004 PGA Tour, Player of the Year, Masters Champion and 2008 Fedex Cup Champion
I have worked with a lot of trainers and I was out at the Titleist factory a couple of months ago and Dr. Greg Rose recommended Gerry to me and I new him a little before. Definitely more golf specific than anything I have ever done. Definitely think it has helped me out a tremendous amount.
Jeff Klauk, PGA Tour Player, Nationwide Tour Winner
I met Gerry James in 2003 at the Phoenix Open qualifier and we had a long drive contest and he out drove me by 40 yards. I highly recommend his program, if it will work for me it will work for you.
Bubba Dickerson, PGA Tour Member 2005, US Amateur Champion, & Western Amateur Champion
In the past 10 years that I have known Gerry James, I have marveled at his commitment to improve. He has worked harder than anyone in the sport to develop productive routines for accomplishing the most powerful drives possible
Dave Mobley, 2004 RE/MAX, World Long Drive Champion

There are a lot of pretenders in golf, but Gerry James is the real deal. I ran into Gerry and he showed me a training program he has used for himself that I believe is the best I have ever seen.
Deane Beman, Former PGA Tour Commissioner
After working with Gerry James, I gained distance and accuracy.
Dave Gureckis, LDA Tour Champ, Leading Money, Winner 2004

Gerry, has taken his extensive knowledge and experience in strength training, combined it with the swing dynamics in golf and created the most powerful swing training program ever. Not only does his program give you longer drives, but also a wellness to better health.
Bobby Wilson, 2004 & 2009 RE/MAX, World Long, Drive Champion, ‘Senior Division’
Gerry’s training can help anyone become stronger, faster and a better golfer, it worked for me.
Trez Simmons, LDA Tour Winner
Gerry James has been working with my son Andrew (15) for 3 years now, which is almost the entirety of the time he’s been golfing. Gerry has done a splendid job in developing Andrew’s golf swing – which is highly praised – and game, but has also done an impeccable job being a ‘mentor’ to my son. He goes above and beyond with his individualized approach to golf coaching, assisting with equipment selection, tournament selection, and numerous other invaluable facets to the student-teacher relationship. In 3 short years under Gerry’s tutelage, Andrew has gone from complete novice to becoming a competitive AJGA tournament golfer, and has realistic aspirations of playing highest-level collegiate golf.
Marc J. Farraye, MD, St Augustine, FL


At 14 I was fortunate to meet Gerry James at a local driving range where my dad was site manager. Gerry must have been watching me hit balls and he must have seen that I had enthusiasm and some promise of talent because before I knew it, he was taking me aside, giving me pointers and hitting balls with me. He introduced me to Long Drive and encouraged me to enter qualifying events for the Jr. Division. Gerry’s coaching; advice, motivation and inspiration were instrumental in helping me achieve the 2002 RE/MAX Long Drive Junior’s Championship at age 16.

Gerry, without your confidence in me, I don’t think that I could’ve won the 1 st ever Jr. Men’s Division, I would never have made that trip from California to Florida for my last chance at qualifying for the finals. Thanks! I owe so much to you and I anticipate working with you again toward next year’s Men’s Open World Title.

Owen R. Hanson, 2002 RE/MAX Long Drive, Junior Champion

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