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Gerry’s Tips

Use Gerry’s following tips to improve your swing and get in the game.
  • The #1 power source for all golfers is the proper use of the hips and abdominals. This is one of the basic fundamentals of the modern golf swing that I teach.
  • Coil the body. Learn to coil around a solid base, keeping your legs quiet on the backswing. Do not slide your hips from side to side. Coiling will build power and help you explode through impact.
  • Stretch your shoulders, back, and hips every day as they are the primary muscles used to build club head speed.
  • Never, ever leave a putt short because they never go in. As they say, “never up, never in”. Always play aggressively.
  • Master the game from 110 yards and in. Being adept at the short game is the fastest way to lower your score. Chip, pitch, and putt with very soft hands.
  • Start the downswing with your hips and abdominals. Turn toward the target, letting your arms, hands, and finally, the club head explode through impact.
  • Grip the golf club very lightly. Tension will decrease club head speed, and therefore, kill your power.
  • Once you have set the club at the top of the swing, the lower body primarily induces the downswing movement. Your hips and abdominals provide the majority of the power, and your left leg should straighten at impact.
  • When putting, always envision your intended line first. Speed should be your #1 concern. Use a pendulum stroke with no break in the wrists. Remember to keep your hands constant on the putter grip.
  • One of the most important aspects of the modern golf swing is to develop a proper swing plane. A club that goes outside or inside of this plane will usually strike the ball inconsistently down the target line.

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